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President Extends Message Of Brotherhood

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President Extends Message Of Brotherhood
President Joko Widodo. (ANTARA FOTO/Widodo S. Jusuf)
Do not forget the sense of brotherhood among all of us,
Purwokerto (Antara Babel) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) extended his message of brotherhood when visiting Darussalam Dukuhwaluh Islamic Boarding School in Purwokerto, Central Java, on Thursday evening.

"Do not forget the sense of brotherhood among all of us," the president told the students and caretakers of the Islamic  boarding school and the local community.

On the occasion, President Jokowi also reminded them that Indonesia is a large country with more than 17 thousand islands, and with different cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds.    

"We also have 34 provinces and 516 districts and municipalities,
and 714 tribes and languages, extending from the westernmost point of Sabang to the easternmost point of Merauke, and from the northernmost point of Miangas to the southernmost point of Rote," Jokowi noted.

Hence, in the life of society, the President requested that all should realize that Indonesia is different, and all those differences are a gift from God for Indonesia to be grateful for.

He noted that this was the country's strength and potential for competition with other countries.

"In view of that, let us keep our sense of brotherhood during interaction with one another. Let us preserve the brotherhood among Muslims, as well as with other religious followers and the government," he reiterated.

The president revealed that he does not wish to see people insulting or condemning each other, but they must be aware of their brotherhood.

Editor: Rustam Effendi


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